Hydro Fix

MANUFACTURED WITH Lico’s patented 7-layer, heat-infused extrusion process

Hydro Fix Comfort Core™ flooring integrates RCB® technology, a stress-free Rigid Core Board, which provides superior density and dimensional stability. It’s twice as dense as any LVT/WPC core and offers a thinner, more rigid plank.

Hydro Fix flooring is 100 percent waterproof, can be installed over most existing hard surfaces and will not telegraph minor subfloor imperfections.

This floor also features an added layer engineered to provide underfoot walking comfort, warmth and added acoustic performance. The proprietary polymer-based layer was designed to provide years of warmth and cushion without compromising the durability and performance of the floor.

Hydro Fix flooring offers superior scratch and stain protection with either a 12-mil or 22-mil Scratch Shield® wear layer.

The unique composition allows it to be strong, dimensionally stable, lightweight and safe, as it does not contain any plasticizers, phthalates or formaldehyde.

Durable and long-lasting, Hydro Fix withstands heavy foot and rolling load traffic.

Available in 24 beautiful finishes




Altholz Mocca Stripe

Altholz Mocca Stripe

Bush Oak Smoked

Oak Hudson

Oak Meramec

Oak Missouri


Bush Oak

Honey Oak

Kastanie Living Acacia

Oak Autumn

Oak Locarno

Oak Mustair

Oak Noblesse

Oak St. Gallen

Oak Trentino

Rio Palisander

Altholz Macchiato Stripe

Larche Zermatt

Oak Emmen

Oak Sacramento

Oak Tennessee

Oak Yukon

White Oak Polar

White Oak Sand

Hydrofix Comfort Core Layers

Hydro Fix Comfort Core is made with a patented 7-layer, heat-infused extrusion process. Hover over each layer below to find out more..

1) Scratch Shield

2) Wear Layer

3) High-Definition Decor Layer

4) Comfort Level

5) Patented Rigid Core Board (RCB)

6) High-Performance Bonding Layer

7) High-Density Acoustic Underlay

Our Scratch Shield™ advanced finish technology is a proprietary blend of crosslinked polyurethane and acrylic. This finish is one of the most durable, long-lasting surfaces in the rigid core flooring industry. As a result, scratches a dulling from everyday use are greatly reduced.
Layer thickness: 0.04mm

Lico floors are made with a proprietary blend of PVC, resins and minerals, which yield the highest density and most stable core in the multilayer flooring industry, and resist the harmful effects of UV light.
Layer thickness: 0.55mm

Available in a wide range of designs replicating popular wood species and stone patterns, Hydro Fix Comfort Core flooring is perfect for a variety of environments from homes to commercial settings.
Layer thickness: 0.07mm

An added layer engineered to provide underfoot walking comfort, warmth and added acoustic performance. Gone are the days where real wood, tile and multilayer floors leave your feet cold and sore.
Layer thickness: 0.60mm

The plasticizer-free Rigid Core Board (RCB) core provides superior density and dimensional stability when compared to other multilayer floors.
Layer thickness: 3.60mm

Our patented manufacturing process produces a flooring product that has no stresses embedded in the board, resulting in a flat, defect-free surface for the life of your floor.
Layer thickness: 0.04mm

Hydro Fix Comfort Core Comfort Core uses a sound-deadening, non-organic Extruded Poly Styrene (EPS) acoustic underlay which is 100% waterproof and will never harbor mold growth.
Layer thickness: 0.80mm